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Thankfulness brings true joy

Thankfulness means acknowledgment towards our own very life. In our society today it is missing in many areas. In my sessions I experience people who do not feel appreciated by others. In families or at work. A society of ME FIRST has no room for thankfulness, Where does this comes from and why did we loose thankfulness in our life?


To express thankfulness connects us with others and brings joy. First we need to find thankfulness in ourself. This happens when we see us being incarnated in a physical body is a gift. One day we all leave our physical body to carry on our journey into other dimensions. As long as we still are here, it is essential to know how precious this blessing is. Each one has a sense and mission to fulfill in this life. The more I become aware of this mission the more thankfulness I experience myself.


Many people do not stop and calm down to experience THE LUXURY-unfortunatly we have to call it luxury- to feel their body. They are occupied thinking too much, doing all kind of things all day long and never get to center themselves. They go through day and week in a rush. Good times are postponed. They say:"I will have enough time to rest when I retire." But time never comes back. Or do you really believe climbing Mount Everest is easy to realize in the age of 70? For most people it is not. This is the first issue. Postponing.

Other stuff seems more important. This is not the way to arrive in one self. How to escape this trap?


Today should be as if it was the last day. Maybe it sounds cheesy to you. Nevertheless, when I realize there is nothing but the NOW, and we all do not know if we will wake up again tomorrow, it activates thankfulness for what we have today. Let us thank god for every day.

Every day we reflect at what to be thankful for. This gives us energy. It always has been this way, but we forgot. Thankfulness helps us to get hope for our life, and it limits our grief. We see all from a higher perspective. Many people lost this view. I am happy to remind you today. We attract more blessings in our life with the attitude of thankfulness. It brings in contentment. What else do we want more than this?


The more thankfulness I experience in my inner, the more I radiate it towards other people. I am full with thanks. I adore reminding you today, how precious you are and always have been. It is best to have a thankful attitude. Each day is fulfilled with thankfulness. This is how to find your mission in life. All things are a gift. They make your life rich and fulfilling.


When I talk to old people, I am amazed how thankful they are. Especially for not to be in physical pain or being capable to be still integrated in daily life. Whatever we go through in our life, we should remember all this little stuff we think might be important to us does not really make a difference in regards to the big picture of life.


If you still have parents or maybe not. Be thankful for having spent time with them. Their task to give us traits and mindsets is not an easy job. Even though it might has been difficult with them; be thankful to exist in this life. They have done a good job. Without them it would not be possible you being here today. We can appriciate what works if we only would focus for it. Go for it- it is worth it. Be happy for thankfulness. It brings in blessings to your life.

In my sessions and seminars I teach people to be thankful for all that is in their life. This allows them to experience what their sense and mission is being here.

Thank you very much for the interest in my work. Lots of love, Marc Altmann

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