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Self-confidence now

Self-confidence means to see your own value as a human being and to trust in your actions related to it. To be aware who you are is essential for a self determined life.


That what we think we are is not who we are. That is why there is so much confusion in regards to Self-confidence. If we never get access to our true self it is difficult to understand what this is all about.

Most people do think they are their character traits. But the character traits are created by the experience a person went through- good or bad. This is the mask which hides the true self. Behind these character traits, the true self begins to show. It is independent from what we think we are. It is not determined by the polarity of the character. To reach this self-confidence brings in straight and powerful attitude in life.


First we need to understand our character traits to really understand the ego on a profund level. This includes our strong and weak areas of character. We are aware of our skills and show them to the world we live in.

We accept our weakness and are happy to see them going through a chance of strength. Most people never can say YES to their weak areas of character. But this is essential to seek DEEPER for the true self. In a glas of water the sand sits still on the ground when there is no movement in the water. The water is pure and clean. The core of water becomes obvious, and the illusion of enmeshment has no chance.


Whatever we are convinced about is true becomes clear to us and we have the courage to live it. We set healthy boundaries without feeling guilty. We tell the truth and we can articulate what we want. We like justice. Self-confidence is shown by respecting the dignity of self and others.

We do fight for us and others. The spiritual training is as important as the physical. We are willing to fight our own resistance. We are aware of the ups and downs of life. This does not impress us at all, but drives us to new challenges.


The moment I get to understand who I am is the time when steadfastness becomes priority.

The circumstances in life are not responsible anymore for how I feel about myself. I am aware of my good and bad. I am open to reflect myself. I express how I really feel. I appreciate my skills. There is no NO towards myself. I am happy being capable to see who I am. I am not afraid of myself.

Self-confidence brings back dignity to my life. I can not get this from the outer. First I have a need to feel this myself.

In my sessions and seminars people experience what true Self-confidence is all about.

Thank you very much for the interest in my work, lots of love, Marc Altmann

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