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Alternative facts in spirituality

Alternative facts are common nowadays in politics. It shows how people turn lies into truth. So do people in the spiritual scene.

Spiritual leaders are telling us what to do right or wrong in living a spiritual life. Especially religion wants us to follow their self created doctrine which brings up unhappy human life since ages. Today I give you some examples to understand what it is all about.


Religion interprets commandments how they want them to be understood.

"You shall not commit adultery. What god brought together man should not break."

How much tremendous suffering and misery has this phrase brought in for generations?

I do see a different meaning in this sentence. Here it is all abut the marriage between us and god. God wants to be the first one next to us. Marriage between people is not the issue here. The second we leave love, we leave god because god is the only love there is. Seeing people and the entire world through the eyes of love keeps us married with god. If a break up of human marriage increases our self love, it is better to devorce sooner than later. And what has religion made out of it?

"Even though your husband hits you stay with him. With the power of god you will bear it all and you get a blessing out of it in the beyond."


Emancipation has recently created awareness for the wrong interpretation of spiritual knowledge done by male clergy in the western world. Unfortunately this has not reached every houshold in our society and even other societies. I feel it is outrageous to say "God loves you" and on the other hand preaching a message of doctrine, suppression, misery and narrow minded ideas. This has nothing to do with LOVE.


Every kind of spirituality which limits freedom is not a real spirituality at all. Knowledge in spiritual terms has to come from ones self. We can guide people to come closer to their true self. This will not happen in preaching fear and hate. Why should we all have a bad concious towards god? We surf the waves of god and are happy to experience the diversity of love god wants us to experience.


People often ask me: "Yes, I understand what you are saying, but what is god?"

The answer I give is incredible simple.

God is a giant electromagnetic field that radiates eternal LOVE which is the highest frequency of all . I like to compare it with the internet or laser light in discotheques.

The internet is everywhere, even though we can not see it. Turning on a laptop and going online will show the internet on the screen.

Of course we can not see the entire internet on the screen, only a little part of it. But the laptop is like our physical body. If we do not go online we can not get any information from the internet. It is the same with god.


Chastity, renounce, waiver, self-flagellation, suppression, dissociation, guilt, self-scarification is the way to god.

For decades they say god is love BUT god also punish. This is not true. It is a big lie. The truth is we always punish ourself. We do look at god with the eyes of our ego. Here we can not experience god in its truth. We think god is like us. This is also wrong. Imagine thinking about the internet in human form. It does not make any sense at all.

In my sessions and seminars I explain what god really is. In experiencing this, people loose whatever they thought god was, taught by alternative facts from religion they believed in.

Thank you very much for the interest in my work, lots of love, Marc Altmann

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