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Whining ruins our life

Whining is not a helpful tool to go through life. Some people try to get advantages with the method of whining. Our society has an understand towards whining people because most people still follow the believe, the world is an unfair place. Whenever we begin to live a spiritual life, we can not hold on to this mindset.


We should ask ourself if we become impatient lining up at the supermarket till or being stuck in traffic. Do we criticize friends and relatives too fast? Do we defend ourself instead being and feeling connected with others? Some people think it is cool and a great lifestyle to combine whining with a gangster rap culture. I do like brilliant rap. Nevertheless I dislike a discriminating and hateful attitude in songs. Here I could whine about it even myself.

Of course, they do not agree with what society does. But how can we really change society into a better tomorrow instead whining and bitching about it?


Do we whine because of our job even though we could be thankful god has given us this job? Our colleagues are responsible for our angry mood. If only everything would be better I could be relaxed about life. Or not having a job is also a problem I could whine about.

Many people do think this way about their life. They do not realize these circumstances do have a meaning. Nothing goes wrong in gods world, but our perspective at it. Even though we do not immediately understand what it is all about, we are able to create a different attitude in regards to what actually is.


The solution against all whining is thankfulness. What is perfect in the situation that I am experiencing in my life? Do I see the good things in what happens to me?

The second I decide being thankful for all that is, my inner peace is increasing. From this perspective of inner peace, I immediately experience a complete different world. This new awareness allows me to see new chances in life that I could not realize while I was stuck in the mood of whining. How lucky am I to be capable to buy food today! How lucky am I not having to go to work today. I can invest this time into the relationship with myself- great!Or how lucky am I having a job. Others would be so happy in having this job.

Thankfulness for all brings in peace and happiness within.


Thankful people do not whine. They are too much occupied being thankful for everything, They do not see bad things around them. With thankfulness and praise we enter gods world. We all should be as thankful and positive as we can. Before you go to bed at night please try to find all things you can be thankfulness for in your life. And do the same thing in the morning. Thank god for all little things you expect as usual. For example finding the perfect parking, getting to work on time, a meal or being with your family.....Do not allow you to be disappointed even though you might forget it again. Do not give up. Stay doing it until this behavior of thankfulness becomes a habit in your lifestyle. Do not be greedy with thankfulness. It really makes your life a better place.

Thank you very much in the interest in my work, lots of love, Marc Altmann

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