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Permanence in the spiritual connection to our true self

Permanence is to go for deeds who seem meaningful to us until they become a new habit.

"Do not give up doing what you really aim for in life. Love and Inspiration is guiding your way. You can´t go wrong." (Ella Fitzgerald)

Cooking as a hobby cook can drive you to more and more perfection in regards to a higher result of quality and taste of your dishes. Permanence in your intention to increase your abilities to cook, makes your selection and combination of food better and better. It is the same following the spiritual process to get in contact with your true self.


We try to go new steps in life. Star cooks and Star Gurus can teach you how to do it. We reach a point when we can do it ourself with our own very recipe and ideas concerning cooking and spiritual inspiration. All creativity is limited in regards to taste and ecstasy. Nevertheless we are capable to reach an horizon we haven´t been aware of before.


For a master cook the restaurant is the location you can compare with a church for a spiritul Guru. Here people can eat and enjoy whatever has been fabricated in the kitchen. There´s a difference between a fast food restaurant and a five star one. We ourself have choice which level we want to experience spirituality. Many people can not even imagine going out for dinner or lunch in a star cook place. They agree to what their daily life provides them without questioning,


Permanence helps us to live relationships in our life. Priority is the relationship with ourself. Permanence is an inner commitment to stay true to our own very virtues. We look forward to seeing what comes up next. Permanence wants us to become patient and reliable. Our skills can be refined with permanence.


We involve permanence in our life while we get creative thoughts and expect fruits from our inspiration. This helps us to live a life which is grounded and effective. The more we do it, the more we inspire others doing the same. We become a positive example for them. Everyone can profit from the wonderful quality that permanence provides.


The relationship with our true self is the most important relationship we have. Here we meet god. This relationship needs to become solid, otherwise we will be blown away with the storm of life like a tent that is not anchored in the ground. That is why it is essential to keep building up this connection.


It is very important to take time on a regular basis to experience this inner connection deeper and deeper. We stay aligned with our virtues. We think future orientated and celebrate permanence. Our relationships are balanced and healthy. We say yes to our skills. I can rely on myself and others can rely on me.

I feel we can be thankful for the attitude of permanence. It helps us to make the best out of our skills and gifts.

I love to guide people on the way to their skills and human resources.

Thank you very much for the interest in my work, lots of love, Marc Altmann

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