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Trust in gods plan for you

A life driven by our negative Ego does not give us a sense of"trusting god". We do not even get a glimpse of understanding what trust in god really means.

"Commit everything you do to the LORD. Trust him, and he will help you" psalm 37,5

Who is the one of us who can fully say YES to this sentence? That´s what it´s all about in my blog today.


In our daily life we are called to trust in a lot of areas. For example going to the hairdresser. We trust the hairdresser not to kill us with his knife and scissors. We sit in the chair and trust all will be good and we are absolut safe.

Sitting on a chair is an act of trust in being held by the chair. We would not tripple check a chair before sitting on it. Even though a chair breaks while we sit on it, we can laugh about it. (which happened to me already several times)


It is the same with food. We do not await being poisioned going to eat in a restaurant.

We do look forward to experiencing what others have told us about the brilliant place we heard of. Trip Adviser gives us an insight what others say about the kitchen. So, we give it a try. Why is it so difficult to trust in god and even giving it the try to taste the fabulous insight god has in store for us?


How many times we fell down while we learned to walk? And how many times we stood up again and carried on learning to walk? Isn´t this enough approval for the fact our life is all about falling down and going up again?


Many people have lost contact to what god is in their life. It is the same like never going to see a hairdresser again, because he did not do it exactly how I wanted him to do my hair. A chair which did not hold us safe make us never sit on any chair in our lifetime anymore. To trust god is too vage because god has disappointed you like a breaking chair. It is the time now to realize not everything in life is the way you expect it to be. Nevertheless all happened exactly right in your life when you become aware to understand god in his way. You only have not been ready to understand it.


To go fishing is best in perfect condition. This will bring the fish to you. That works brilliant when you are in peace. Things are coming towards you. This is the state of being, when gods want becomes one with yours. You can relax. Understand you do not have to invent life again, it is already here. Principles of life were the same thousands of years ago. Letting go and giving it up to god means you attract what is really yours. Even though what we get is not what we want to have in the first place, these fishs taste wonderful.

Let allow god to surprise you. Do not do it all yourself anymore. Receive and be amazed. That is how real trust in god is growing.

Have a brilliant time and allow this blessing to happen in your life. Lots of love, Marc Altmann

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