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Fight kills our life quality

Because of different opinions, people do not see each other for 20 years. In all families nowadays, we can watch this behavior in regards to relatives, who are in fight with each other. When they get together again, they often forget what the fight was all about. They become devastated in realizing what a waste of time they went through. What is it all about and how can we get rid of this?


The wrong words at the wrong time can flame conflict. The more we put in wrong words, the worse it becomes. A way to calm down the flames of conflict is not to put new logs into the flame. The truth is, all actual break down of self esteem is related to past experiences. It is only triggered by actual circumstances and people. When I become aware of this, the fight that is actually happening, is not seen as a threat anymore. The enemy becomes a spiritual friend who helps me to heal my wounds from the past. I can be thankful for this mirroring.


Our wrong words open the door for fight, but it is our proud heart resisting to shut our big mouth to keep the peace. Our pride wants to have the last word in conflict, even though we all know, fight in these terms only brings in misery. So the bible says. This inner pride comes in as a try to protect the ego self from attack. Unfortunately, we can not pick up the spiritual gift contained in the conflict. We resist the love which is hidden in each situation. Pride in these terms does not bring up positive results between people in our life.


We can create fight in trying to convince others about our opinion. We should understand we ourself still have so much to learn. So let´s stop radiating our opinion to everyone out there, where it might not be necessary to do so. In doing it, we might go the next step to come to higher awareness concerning what really happens. Our opinion is only our opinion. Tomorrow our opinion can have changed. Our opinion is always dependent on our actual knowledge and awareness from today. So it´s better not to take it too serious. The second we really open up for people, we realize life itself is more important than our opinion.


Imagine we do not react onto the aggressive behavior of a fighter. We have time then to reflect at what triggers us in our inner from the past. In our childhood, we all went through events of being wounded. Finding out what the point was, we realize being the grown up person today helps us being capable to support our self. A healing for our inner child comes in, and the feeling towards the fight is changing immediately. We see the fighter is experiencing a low level frequency of fear. Obviously he is not feeling well at all. Otherwise he would act differently.

In my sessions I help people to release these feelings. They learn to experience life and people the way they truly are. This brings in peace and understanding in a compassionate way.

Thank you very much for the interest in my work, lots of love, Marc Altmann

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