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Signs from our spiritual guidance

We rarely recognize what happens next to us in our daily life, when we rush through our day. We do auto pilot and our senses are limited. Unfortunately, in this state of being, we do not see the little signs from our spiritual guidance. Our decisions are made in a hurry, instead of becoming calm and peaceful in the first place, before we treat life and the people with impatient reactions.


We do not see how our spiritual guidance communicates with us when we only focus on the big things in life. I was on my way to an airport again, when suddenly a friend came to my mind that I haven´t heart of in ages. First I did not see this as a sign, so I blinded it out. Arriving at the airport she again came into my mind; as a repeating thought. Sitting in the plane next to a woman having the same surname my friend does, it became obvious to me giving her a call the second I leave this plane.

Having her on the phone blew my mind. She was delighted talking to me. She already had me in her mind whole day long. She had to make a big professional decision and thought: what would Marc think of it?


Other peoples thoughts are influencing us permanently. So do we in return. We send and we receive. Many people are already aware of this. They have learned how to integrate this knowledge into their daily life. Telepathy is absolut normal and on top of this, it is an organic skill we all have. Wherever we are in the world, we can always use it. With cell phones for example we can reach out to anyone on the planet. Telepathy works via our nerval system.


The same way people can reach out to get in contact with us, beings from other dimensions also do. This is not always helpful, because confusion comes in when we follow their advice. Our true spiritual guidance would never confuse us. This is very important to understand, otherwise we can not get a knowing who really is contacting us from the other side. What do we have to do?


For not to go even into confusion there is a simple thing we can do to end all unnecessary signs at once. We directly go to God. God in spiritual terms is always the highest. Instead of following any low entity we go in communication with God and experience everything that does not serve for our highest good leaves. Isn´t it fabulous having the possibility to reach out for God always and forever wherever we are in this world.

In my sessions and seminars I teach people how to do this. Insecurity and doubt is replaced by clarity and knowledge.

Thank you very much for the interest in my work, lots of love, Marc Altmann

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