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Forbearance in all ways of life

Forbearance is an attitude of trust and having a sense of life. It means patience, inner strength, acceptance and generosity- especially in difficult times. We have courage for a life time.

When we train for a long run, all little steps going through a good training help us to reach our goal. Forbearance does the same. We train it in carrying on with what we do. That´s how we built up our condition day by day.


Circumstances we can not control bring us straight into forbearance. We do reflect the sense of our life and get to know what has to be done next. We accept the challenge in our life. We stay in hope and trust, knowing all will work out for our best. We keep calm in our inner self and we are willing to learn from whatever comes up next. Forbearance is a sage balm which empowers our soul.


Patience- especially in difficult times. That´s what´s so hard to find. We can train it in accepting what´s out of our control radar. Self control helps us to calm down our emotions. So we are not a victim anymore. If we have missed our tube train again, we can stay calm in knowing the next one is already on its way.


All tests in life, big or small, can make us see how strong we truly are. The second we become aware of this, we begin to understand, we all are integrated in a bigger picture. Having been in an inner emotional drama, we could not see this. Forbearance helps us to get in contact with our sense of life. Every electrician knows it´s all about the connection of cables to keep the flow of power going. So does our life.


When we are getting old it shows how we have lived. Stress without awareness does not help to enjoy life. Exhaustion of soul and body is the result. Simplicity of joy is shown by forbearance. We do not take ourself too serious and we enjoy the feeling of being connected to others, which brings in true happiness.

We can begin to live forbearance today. The good days become more, and the bad days become less. Instead of being angry and stressed about what we do not understand yet, we give it all up to god. We are thankful for the knowledge, that god will show us all steps of we need to know at the right time right place.

In my sessions and seminars people get in contact with their big picture of life.

Thank you very much for the interest in my work. Lots of love, Marc Altmann

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