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No worries to make mistakes

Many people are so afraid of making mistakes, they rather do nothing than going for anything. Instead of taking action they sit at home and think: "What if I´m wrong?"

The fear of being seen, fear to feel ashamed, fear of taking the wrong decision. The truth behind is the fear to be hurt, and the fear of feeling guilty. We all are packed with unresonable guilt feelings. They don´t lead us to freedom and love. They shut us down. Strangers seem to become scary to us. What can we do to leave this behind?


What we think a mistake might be isn´t a mistake at all. We have choice to live out of a state of love or a state of fear. Sometimes people feel they can´t choose any kind of behavior. It happens automatically as if it was a reflex out of control. Here is the easy and real answer for that.


Others are a mirror for us we can have a look in. What we see in others are aspects of ourself. The behavior of others gives us a mirror for our inner . The second we are willing to have a look into the mirror, we begin to learn a lot about who we are. So do we in return. In behaving the way we do we also show others aspects of themselves they can have a look at. If someone is unhappy in what they see related to our behavior, they are welcome to look within to become aware of who they are.


The truth is there are no mistakes at all. There are only aspects of self we permanently mirror to each other. Unfortunately most people don´t understand them fully yet. The more we become aware of this fact, we see there is nothing actually going wrong. We all are still learning how this world really works. The more we are open to this truth, the less Drama we have to live. Sometimes we look back into the mirror from the past. We are calm and carry on.


In sessions I make a list with my client where everything is written down what matters to them concerning conflicts with others. The second we finish the list, I ask my client to put his name on top of the list. Now we have a look at all aspects we see in regards to my clients inner life. Together we discover new awareness which helps to make peace with the outer projections. It´s a tool to really seek deep in everyones soul.


Behind the mask of judgment and thinking the world and people might be bad, there is the happy face. No worries to make mistakes. We learned the truth is, there are no mistakes. We also learned this world is not the way we expect it to be in the first place. We learned we all still have so much to learn to really experience this world and the people in there, the way they truly are.


Every time we do see through another illusion in our life, it is as if we have birthday again. We go back into the joy of being who we are. Here everyone is reunited with it´s own inner child the way we were in our past. Instead of shutting down and staying at home because we´re afraid of doing the wrong thing, we understand the only "wrong" is doing nothing. We give up the refusal to life itself and trust again, that everything will make sense at the right time right place. God is happy with us because we remember who we truly are: loving spiritual beings who make a human experience.

Thank you very much for the interest in my work. Lots of love, Marc Altmann

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