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Therapy Center in Lanzarote: Centro Vitalidad


Oneness in diversity. Be who you truly are. Perspective at life without the mask of the Ego.

The aim of the Centro Vitalidad in Lanzarote is to guide people on their way to the True Self.

We are a team of specialized therapists who each bring unique therapy techniques into the world.


The physical treatment is provided by Alexander. He is an Osteopath who has the ability to put our body into upper right alignment again. His knowledge and his intuition gives us a new experience of becoming aware of our body. All blockages in our body have a reason which is attached to our path in life. Alexander gives us the awareness how to read and understand the language of the physical body; even though we might not be willing to listen to it all the time. Alexander helps us to understand our body in holistic terms. At the same time he releases our blockages in the body to balance us to make it easier to get in contact with our True Self.


Carolien is master of the NEI technique (Neuron Emotional Integration). She is highly intuitiv and provides guidance for people with this wonderful method. In doing it she talks to our subconscious. Therefore she gets all information we need to get to the next step on our path of life towards becoming one with our True Self. At the same time she helps transformation to happen who bring in the change of life circumstances, even though we don´t have to think about it.


Marcs clairvoyant ability in single sessions is central in the cooperation work with the Centro Vitalidad in Lanzarote. The knowing about the issues from peoples past and the potential that is hidden in here, brings in a new positive tomorrow for everyone who is working with Marc in sessions.The understanding about ones negative Ego and the "allowance" to live a positive powerful Ego based on the essence of the True Self brings in self love and love for others with compassion. This knowledge helps us to live our skills in the world. Each one the way they truly are.


The transformative energy in Lanzarote allows us to bring in changes in us and our lives, which don´t easily flow in other places. There is plenty of new earth created 250 years ago by volcanic eruption. It burns off the masks of the Ego. The wind called Passat brings in new movement into our inner.

The three of us , we are convinced about the wonderful energy that Lanzarote provides.

We are looking forward to showing you who you truly are with the help of Lanzarote.

We are thrilled to share this with you. If this blog inspires you today, please let us know.

Carolien and Alexander are home on the island. Every year, Marc is coming to Lanzarote several times. Together we give you the powerful tools to create a holistic life in love and happiness.

We send you lots of love,

Your Centro Vitalidad Team in Lanzarote

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