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What does Modesty really mean for a spiritual life?


Modesty is having self-respect. When you value yourself with quiet pride, you accept praise with humility and gratitude.

Modesty is being comfortable with yourself and setting healthy boundaries about your body and your privacy.

Unfortunately a lot of people don´t know how to address their issues related to the lack of modesty.


In our gossip daily world wide press, many articles about people are written not to tell the truth about what really happened, but what sells best for journalists and corporations in the background. Without real self respect it can put you down.

If you only feel self respect in regards to what other people say or think about you, there won´t be a chance to achieve real self respect. Here the self respect is dependent on the outer circumstances. We need to find a way to center ourself towards our inner. Here we realize we are who we are and this is more than enough. Only because we exist in our physical body on this planet means we are welcome to be here. We have the right to feel quiet pride about being who we are. Modesty is the key to really understand how blessed we are being a child of god. Even though the mass of people don´t understand what I am saying here yet, it won´t stop me from telling you as often as I can.


Most of us can not be put into the boxes of others. Special people need special treatment. When we really want to get to know someone else, we need to put our limit thinking behind.

In this world it is still special to be who you really are. Not to put a mask on your face and pretend you were someone else is absolut important on your spiritual path. Modesty helps to find the self love that we all need. The silent knowledge from within, that radiates towards the outer.


Self love and self respect is connected with each other. The more I find this inner feeling for myself, the more solid my inner stability.

Even though others out there try to tell you the opposite- you stay strong in your self believe. This is the moment God can really enter into your inner body. And it shows. Others come to us and ask how do you do this? The answer is simple: respecting with modesty that I am a child of God.


If you think there is someone out there who owns you, the answer is NO. Our society believes everything and everyone is a product. In spiritual terms this is a lie. We are human beings who have the free will to accept our birthright in God. If people try to own us in whatever terms, it is modern slavery.

People try to tell us what we should do and go for. Loosing weight might be helpful if you are facing a disease related to it. If loosing weight becomes compulsive it becomes a disease itself. Be aware what kind of manipulation you open yourself up to out there. Awareness is necessary to distinguish right and wrong.


If you want to have a brilliant time with your partner, you take time for him and you without others who could disturb you. Therefore you need to set healthy boundaries.

When we are on our own, it is the same. To really spend a fabulous time with your self you need to cut off others who could potentially influence this. Try to do this for yourself, and have a look what happens. Are others coming into your room trying to get something from you? Is it possible to be only with yourself for a while? Have a look at it.


Being the best mummy in the world is the biggest job anyone can imagine. The praise of a child who loves mummy so deeply is the biggest reward for the woman who does it all out of love. Nevertheless, there is this modesty between the two of them, which tells us about real love.

It is the same in all our lives. Becoming aware that love always exists brings us into the state of modesty.


We can be as happy as we can whenever we feel appreciated by others for what we have achieved. Modesty helps us to understand not everybody in this world is privileged to reach what they want.

When we understand we got something greater than ourself could ever reach on its own, we understand God gave it to us for to share this with lots of people in this world. Modesty helps to really deliver Gods power wherever we are. Always.

I hope this Blog has inspired you today. Share this with friends and family. Start an open discussion concerning modesty in your daily life. It will bring up the best in you and the people around you.

Thank you again for the interest in my work.

Marc Altmann

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