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Clairvoyance for everyone:Christmastide-the twelve nights of Christmas

Every year there is Christmastide at the end of the year and in the new year. Again this year we are called to integrate this brilliant quality of energy. The messages coming towards us in these days are important to have a look at.

There are 12 Christmastide nights. Beginning 25th December, ending 6th January. The 12 nights include the last 6 days of the old year and the first 6 nights of the new year. Everything we experience in these days, and especially at night in our dreams, is a foreseeing for the next 12 months. Each 24 hours day represent one month. The foreseeing for January is 25th December. 30th December represents June. What are we capable to discover in these unique days?


The gate to the beyond is wide open in these days. It is the time to reconnect with the ancestors, the connection to light beings, angels, archangels and god. It is the coming back of the holy light of god. Christianity represents the light of god through the christ child sent into our world.

It is priority in these days to find peace with our past on all levels. Our issues repeat themselves in our life until we find acceptance with everything that happened in our life story. Christmastide brings this up. We realize the importance of our inner connection with the inner light. This inner light is strong and it lasts if we are in peace with our entire life story.


No matter what happened in our life. Everything has a meaning. Even though most people do not realize the meaning in the first place. A true opening can bring insight of understanding concerning everything that happened.

Even though I do not understand the meaning immediately, I can be sure it is revealing at the right time. Till that moment, we leave it up to god. This can only happen if I give up to find out. Letting go or giving up can happen the second I accept and forgive. Afterwards you feel much better. Non peace leaves you. New room expands in our inner.

Christmastide exists for us to realize what we still have to give up to god. Either I redo again and again what I have not forgiven or I do "let it be" and become capable to allow new things and people to enter my life. They all need gods blessing via us for them to get to the next step towards their carmic journey back to god. The best is to realize these issues at the mighty time of Christmastide and to resolve them in these days. This makes it all easier.


Most times we stay in struggle with people without even realizing what it all was about. Automatically we react to their games. Athletic competition uses this in a productive way. We get a high of it and feel alive. In our daily life it is opposite. This spiritual fight can be won in "Seeing what is" and ending the battle. If one of both ends the fight, the other one can not carry on playing war. Sometimes a referee needs to interfere showing a red card.

Before it comes up, I can imagine a STOP sign as a reminder to go back to my spiritual power.


Christmastide even this year gives us the opportunity to change our script of life. Life in spiritual terms is like a football game. There is Foul, there is penalty which can go wrong. Sometimes the referee makes mistakes. Players have to leave the game.

Christmastide shows us what wants to be healed now. You can be sure even in the new year unresolved issues will come up by the outer circumstances. The decision to make peace brings in new space and air to your inner. Do not follow the lie saying we should stay with things and people who are not good for us.


21st December is the longest night in the northern hemisphere.It is time to let go of what puts you down. To realize how much you are loved is important. Do not doubt yourself anymore, only because others have what you want. Or you think others are happy and you do not even deserve it. All nonsense. Don't even allow this negative self talk to happen anymore. This is all wrong. The time is yours now.

Thank you for your interest in my Words. I am happy to tell you what makes me happy.

I wish you a merry christmas and a successful Christmastide. Think about it, it is worth it. It is your life. I look forward hearing from you.

Lots of love, Marc Altmann


Marc Altmann

Spiritual Life Coach Clairvoyant 



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