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This is the time to realize how much inner light you have within

Our inner light is present just before the longest night of the year.This is the destination we aim for through the year with our spiritual development. We realize how close we are to our true self. Many of us realize now if they became closer to their true self or not. What do we have to understand and how do I recognize the inner development myself?


The weeks before christmas is the celebration time of the archangels. They radiate their magnificent power of love to us human beings especially in those weeks. We are tested by them if we are capable to receive their light and love in our inner bodies regardless to the circumstances in our daily life.

This is already the aspect I want to talk about today.

People think God should give us all we want to be content and happy. This is a big illusion. This is not the truth. The happiness and blessings we receive from God come in, even though we don´t get everything we want in material terms. The miracle we experience is to feel this heavenly happiness and contentment in our inner which is not dependent on the material plane and it´s realities.


Merry christmas time.

What does Grace really mean? It does´t mean we get all material gifts we want all the time. It means to get the power of love and light from God to go through difficult times. We feel detached from the pain and suffering and go through this with easiness. The miracle of Spirituality is to keep the light and love within even though we go through hard times. Unfortunately a lot of people have forgotten this truth. They believe Spirituality is to manifest everything they want in material terms. This isn´t so. Always the inner light and love we have within is priority.


We all know the feeling to fall in love. Being in this state of high frequency, we experience the world around us as fantastic. We see everything through the eyes of love.

If God moves into your inner body, you can also witness how God might see the world with his glory, light and love for all human beings. Others feel inspired by your attitude of love and experience this as a miracle. immediately they feel better in you being around. We all do transmit our inner level of frequency to those around us all the time. Therefore I make the choice to aim high with my inner and allow God to enter my entire existence.


The second we take responsibility to what we believe in, our life can change for the better. The time before Christmas and especially at Christmas day, the high frequencies of love are radiating towards us. If we get ready to receive these energies of love and light in our inner, we are getting the best out of Christmas . If we are shut down and not willing to receive it, we won´t feel the Christmas blessings God sends us as a present.


"If you don´t become a child of god again, you can´t enter heaven."

This saying from the bible is still true in our time today. It doesn´t bring you any kind of heavenly happiness staying a grumpy grown up person. We all enter this world as children and when we´re old, most of us become childlike again the way we arrived on this planet. The spiritual world is much easier to understand from the perspective of our inner child. This is the message of Christmas, where one child from God is capable to safe the world.

I wish all of us a Merry Christmas and I hope you begin to realize what really counts in life. HAPPINESS.

Thank you so much for your interest in my work and I wish you all the best.

Marc Altmann

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