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Consideration needs to be addressed for our spiritual development

Consideration is being thoughtful of other people and their feelings. Most people are so much occupied with themselves they can´t even behave in a way where consideration finds space in their life. We all need to consider how our actions affect other people. Especially the people we love.


If a mother would´t consider to be a helping hand for her children, the development of a child would become stuck. Especially education needs consideration in relation to how the character of a child can be influenced in a way which is supportive. You pay careful attention to what children like and don´t like, and do things that give them happiness. You guide them the best you can towards who they are. This makes them confident to find their way through life.


Consideration is a key to find real healthy independence with the self. A person who has learnt to respect other people´s needs and feelings, also respects their own inherent needs and feelings. Like attracts like. Consider other´s needs as important as your own. Stop and think how your actions will affect people. Put yourself in other people´s shoes. We all can learn from each other about ourself.


Even though we all are individual beings in this world, our needs are not that much different. We all want to be appreciated for who we are. Unfortunately this appreciation isn´t popular in our society. Because most peoples needs haven´t been adressed and supported in their childhood, they are not capable to give this to others or even themselves. Depression, feeling isolated, dissociated or even not capable to go on with life is dominant in our world.


When we change the way we treat ourself, we begin to change the world. Give tender attention to whatever comes up in your inner. Be brave enough to remember that everything you experience has to do with your inner self. There is a language coming direct from our body concerning our awareness which wants to be discovered. There is an intelligence in all of us, which drives us to up and down.

Be considerate of others because they are you. Stop and think about how your actions affect others, because the other one is you. Even Jesus said so in the bible "Me and my brother are one."

Do thoughtful things for people, because they are you.


The more we invite consideration into our daily life we experience the oneness in all human beings on this planet.

We all are a different color. A wonderful painting can only be done with the mixture of those colors. Together we aim for bigger things that one person can´t create. There´s a reason why we all meet on this earth in this time. If we isolate from each other, the painting-our story- can´t be written or painted. So, let´s get together as brothers and sisters to aim for a life that fulfills us and others. Consideration is necessary for this. Today I invite you to this brilliant journey. It´s your life, so don´t aim low. There is so much we can do to have a brighter tomorrow. Let´s do it in the NOW.

In my sessions I inspire and teach people how to do this.

Thank you for your attention and the interest in my work. Marc Altmann

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