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Your Ego walks in a labyrinth of mirrors -lost and confused.

The dimension of the ego is like a labyrinth of mirrors through which the ego wanders, lost and confused. because it is chasing the images in one mirror after the other.

We all try to be someone. When we are not in contact with our self esteem and have lost contact with our true self, we are going from one image to another to create who we think we are. Others tell us who we should be. Without knowing who we truly are, we follow their saying because we feel lost within. The more we listen to the outer, the less we listen to our inner intuition. The confusion is perfect.


Everything you experience in life gives you the option to have a look at it, to find out the underlying message. This comes in as an act of love, even though you might not understand it in the first place. Being in contact with the knowledge to decode the information in the mirror opens up the gates to higher awareness and increases your inner frequency. Afterwards the same circumstances might come in again, but you experience them completely different than before. You are not triggered by it anymore.


Most people are trying to avoid what they see in the mirror of life. They think the mirror is wrong or dirty. So, they wipe away the dirty mirror to get a better face. This kind of cleaning does work in the material plane when you clean your garden or your house.

Cleaning in spiritual terms is different.


Instead of getting rid of the mirror, which one can be provided as people we attract, places we are going to, symbols, nature etc, we know everything that bothers us is ours within. Issues that haven´t been addressed yet. The outer mirror exists like a movie. We project our inner aspects at the movie. This is an important movement. Without the outer relationshp we could´t find out who we are and who we are not.

The more we try to avoid the outer mirror because it feels uncomfortable within, the less we grow. Spiritual growing comes in when we know that everything is a message of love. Denial of this gift of love is like saying no to life itself.

However we feel, we have to say yes to it. This is the first step into a brighter tomorrow.


When we say yes to what comes in as a mirror in life and allowing us to have a proper look at the inner reaction it brings up in us, we pick up the loving gifts from life and get back into the flow of who we truly are.We fall in love with ourself through the other and get fulfilled with happiness and wellbeing in the inner. The most intense mirror is a relationship between people being in love. They bring up heaven and hell in each other. In the first place it feels magic being with the other one. After a while the shadows are coming up in each other. Without the mirror technic the relationship can´t last. They begin to judge the behavior of the partner, trying to change and control the other one. In this war zone love can´t remain. One Ego tries to battle the other ones Ego.


In experiencing the mirror technic we calm down because we see ourself on a deep level in the other one. It is so simple. The knowing of what your ego does in it´s own shadow world amazed already so many people who worked with me in the last 20 years.

There is a way to have a fulfilled life.

I look forward to working with you on your ego issues with the mirror technic.


Marc Altmann

Spiritual Life Coach Clairvoyant 



United Kingdom



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