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It´s useless to stand by and say: Somebody needs to change something in the world about all problems

Dear friends, I often hear people say: this world is a mess, it shouldn´t be like that.

The first thing I answer is: please become aware, nothing has to change but.....first of all your perspective at it. If you can see the reflection in your inner, and have a brave look at what really bothers you, you come to terms with the blessings the entire world wants to send to you every second in your life. This is one of the biggest breakthroughs on our spiritual journey. Not to blame the outer, instead having a look within ourself what it brings up in us. Our true self is in peace, only the Ego is triggered by these circumstances.

Today I invite you again to remember who you truly are. Enjoy life and I send you lots of love, Marc....


Marc Altmann

Spiritual Life Coach Clairvoyant 



United Kingdom



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